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Today’s finance leaders face a host of unique business challenges, from economic uncertainty to compliance, cybersecurity risks, and the everchanging expectations of their role.

These factors directly impact the time it takes to close the books each month, with most teams spending nearly 3 months a year on month-close activities alone, according to our research.

That’s where our 6th annual Close the Books survey comes in. We conducted a worldwide survey involving over 1,000 finance professionals to uncover trends and insights on achieving faster and more accurate financial closing—a coveted prize for any finance department.

We reached out to finance professionals, leaders, and CFOs to get their honest insights on the people, processes, and technology behind month- and year-end—with intriguing results.

But here are the burning questions: can you meet the challenge of closing the books faster? How do your processes measure up against your peers? How can you make a bigger impact in your role?

It’s time to uncover the truth, see where you stand, and unravel the secrets that can help you up your game when it’s closing time.

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