The Behavox Enterprise Conduct And Risk Report

Published by Behavox

The Behavox Enterprise Conduct and Risk Report, which surveyed 3,000 corporate professionals and 600 HR professionals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom examines the prevalence of workplace misconduct during work-from-home conditions, and HR’s mixed response to managing it.
The report uncovers the harsh compliance and HR issues enterprises need to address — which have been further exacerbated during the pandemic and work-from-home period — including cybersecurity breaches, corporate espionage, IP theft, suicidal tendencies, racism, and sexual harassment.


  • How illegal and harmful misconduct like IP theft, sexual harassment, and racism is on the increase
  • How employees really feel about their CEOs, managers, and HR departments
  • The dangerous disconnect between employees and HR regarding the extent of workplace misconduct
  • Reasons that HR gives for not addressing workplace misconduct

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